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We Already Spoke to Your Nurses:
We Know Why They Are Leaving

Do you feel your whole hospital tipping, sinking, under the weight of RN turnover? 

Are you worried about the future of your organization with every RN that leaves?  


We are talking to hospitals and understand the concerns. The ramifications are both life and death, and existential for the hospital--the odds could not be higher.  


One point of optimism if you are sinking--some hospitals have 1/7th of the turnover of others. Clearly there is something that can be done!

We've done something about RN Retention that's never been done before. We have interviewed over 900 nurses across six cities in the US in the past 90 days, and we are just getting started. We are asking these nurses, among other questions, why they are looking to leave or stay in their current position. The truth is, some hospitals are doing a respectable job of retaining their veteran nurses. Don't believe us? Here is the percentage, by hospital, of RNs who plan to leave their job in the next 12 months: 


You need a partner who understands the unique RN labor market along with tools and strategy to attract nurses to your hospital(s) and keep them. 


We are also aware of the challenges not just with nurses leaving but even more profoundly, in replacing nurses. In this market, you can easily spend hundreds of millions of dollars on contract labor particularly when your hospital is not known as being a good place for RNs to work. You guessed it, the hospitals with low turnover also generally don't struggle to hire because their reputation is strong! 


Our Process

Step 1: We Listen and We Measure

For hospitals in Stockton CA, Tri-Cities MI, Kansas City MO, Portland OR, Raleigh-Durham NC and McAllen TX, the good news is that we have already measured your market! CareLuminate enters care markets and measures independently across all hospitals in the region. We have already conducted in-depth interviews with many of your nurses, in an interview that is very different from a staff survey, asking them:

  • Do you recommend your hospital to other RNs?

  • Do you feel safe in your hospital?

  • How is staffing in your hospital?

  • Do you have strong teamwork in your hospital?

  • Is their a culture of respect in your hospital?

  • Does your compensation value your contributions to great patient care?

  • Do you feel stress from leaving working feeling like you missed care?

  • Are you planning to leave your job in the next 12 months?

  • Why are you planning to leave?

  • What would make you stay?

  • Many other questions--see them all here

After conducting these interviews we have pages of verbatim comments and incredible qualitative insights into RN work experience and future plans. While there are commonalities, nearly all hospitals have a different mix of drivers causing turnover. 

For example, CareLuminate has interviewed 45 nurses at the below 'Hospital 3' of Kansas City. The 13 nurses looking to leave their jobs strongly indicate in their ratings that safety, not compensation, is the primary driver for them looking to leave:


Comments from these nurses verify that safety is a major concern driving them to leave their hospital:

  • "We have patients who have behavioral issues and I didn't have much support to help manage them.  We have security officers who aren't trained in de-escalation techniques so it sometimes made things worse while we're trying to restrain the patient."

  • "One of my coworkers had to change her social media accounts because a known gang member threatened her on the job."

  • "I've been injured on the job a few times, I hurt my back really bad after getting poor information about a patient's mobility.  Staffing to get help with high acuity can be challenging."

Any hospital can, and often does, listen to the feedback of staff. CareLuminate independently interviews your team, going deeper than your staff surveys will reach, all while benchmarking the feedback of your nurses to your community. 

Step 2: We Benchmark, locally and nationally

Every hospital will have some nurses who report concerns with pay, some that report safety concerns, some that report burnout, etc. To understand if a hospital has a systemic challenge, feedback must be benchmarked. Since nearly all employment decisions are made by nurses locally,  feedback must be benchmarked locally. 


Benchmarking RN feedback is built into everything CareLuminate does. Benchmarking is powerful because quickly sorts noise from root cause, allowing your team to focus on the true systemic challenges that drive your turnover. 

Step 3: We Build the Business Case For You

Other hospitals have solved the retention challenge. 


We work with your team to explore your root cause problems that drive RN turnover at your hospital. Because we work across dozens, and soon to be hundreds, of hospitals, we can help you learn best practices from facilities across town and across the nation who have already addressed the same root causes.  


We will collaborate to build your specific business case/ROI for any expected expenditure tied specifically back to the root cause.  We'll also help you build your Board deck.

Step 4: You Confidently Decide and Act

The challenges healthcare is facing today are unprecedented and your team's courage to enact these solutions can come from knowing that you fully understand the root cause of your challenges and that your solution will bring powerful change. But we are not done yet . . . 

Step 1: We Listen and We Measure

Yes, we are back to step 1, or step 5. Continuous improvement requires continuous measurement. 

CareLuminate will be measuring in your market every year, and so your team will be able to track your progress year over year. Need a measurement sooner? We can work with you on that. 

Learn More

You don't have to accept the current state of nurse turnover. Your organization can rise above this challenge.

The answer will require real change, but real change brings lasting solutions.

You can see below the research we have already completed, and you can reach out to gain a free review of our summary findings to date. 

Kansas City MO

RNs Interviewed:

Coming Interviews: 

Publish Date: 

Raleigh-Durham NC

RNs Interviewed:

Coming Interviews: 

Publish Date: 

McAllen TX

RNs Interviewed:

Coming Interviews: 

Publish Date: 

San Joaquin County CA

RNs Interviewed:

Coming Interviews: 

Publish Date: 

Portland OR

RNs Interviewed:

Coming Interviews: 

Publish Date: 

Tri-Cities MI

RNs Interviewed:

Coming Interviews: 

Publish Date: 

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