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 CareLuminate Insights 
Building Bridges to the Places Your Hospital Wants To Go

Candid, Unbiased, Powerful 


We are talking to nurses.  In your hospital, and across the nation.

We conduct structured interviews centered around two key questions:

1. Do you recommend your hospital to your loved ones?

2. Do you recommend your hospital to other RNs?

These conversations reveal comparative new insights, particularly related to Quality, Care Experiences, and Why Nurses Leave but perhaps more importantly, Why Nurses Stay.  CareLuminate, with data and behavioral science, will work with your teams to deliver the results that get you where you want to go. 

 CareLuminate Nurse Experience and Care Recommendations data, when combined with CMS Stars and HCAHPS data, reveal innovative insights allowing us to dig into what is working, and what is not, creating a data-driven clearer path to help hospitals proactively improve care quality, patient experience, hospital reputation, and of course RN retention while reducing contract labor costs. 

Let's work together to build strong, meaningful bridges with the largest, most expensive healthcare labor force.

 We are different from every other RN survey yet seen.  Our personal, structured interviews provide not just a view into a hospital, but also show how that hospital is differentiated against all others in a community. Hospital leadership will better understand the labor differences in bedside care quality, the work environment, as well as reputation commentary made by the largest workforce within each hospital in a community.   CareLuminate works at risk to help hospitals gain powerful knowledge from never-before-seen data. Our behavioral science team gives leaders the data-driven building blocks needed to make sustainable positive changes in perceptions, attitudes, and teamwork. These combined tools are the roadmap to becoming the employer of choice.

“Given current and projected staffing shortages and the associated upward reset of labor rates, Fitch believes that providers' success in attracting and retaining permanent staff is key to mitigating stress on margins. The sector will trifurcate, with highly successful labor recruiters generally gravitating to higher investment grade ratings.”
– Fitch Ratings, 2023

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Nurse quality perceptions vary widely between different hospitals. Struggling hospitals can learn from high-performing hospitals.  A rising tide raises all boats!

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What We Are Learning:

  • Which hospital do nurses recommend to their loves ones?

  • Which hospitals do nurses see as the highest quality?

  • What are specific quotes from nurses working at the bedside?

Target Outcomes:

  • Community health improves as patients are more educated about the quality of their hospital. 

  • All hospitals gain some insights, regardless of subscription, into the quality of their care.

Staffing &

What We Are Learning:

  • What are the unique differentiators for employment in this market?

  • What is prospective turnover and what are the drivers for turnover?

  • By hospital, should the focus be on compensation or experiential improvements for retention to improve?

Target Outcomes:

  • Hospitals have insights and best practices to dramatically improve RN retention and reduce travel labor. 

  • Hospitals are able to better forecast future RN turnover rates. 

  • Care improves as RN turnover decreases. 

  • Best practices can be learned from leading hospitals


What We Are Learning:

  • What are nurses saying about their hospital, both to patients and other nurses?

  • What can hospitals do to improve their market reputation?

  • Where does CareLuminate project the market is moving?

Target Outcomes:

  • Patients are better educated about differences in hospital care quality. 

  • Hospitals are able to better compete on quality, improving regional care quality. 

Quality Insights

What We Are Learning:

  • Which hospitals have a strong safety culture, and what can be done to improve safety culture at each hospital?

  • What specific recommendations do nurses have at each hospital to improve care?

  • What best practices can be learned from leading hospitals?

  • How does RN feedback correlate to CMS Stars Measurements?

Target Outcomes:

  • Hospitals improve based on the feedback of care givers.

  • Improvement at hospital is holistic and sustained. 


What We Are Learning:

  • Nurses spend more time with patients than anyone else--what would worry them if their family member was admitted?

  • What specific improvements can be made at each hospital to improve patient experience?

  • What best practices can be learned from leading hospitals?

  • How does the RN feedback correlate to HCAHPS measures?

Target Outcomes:

  • Hospitals are able to improve the patient experience based on specific recommendations from nurses. 


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