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Speak Out! We are Listening
Join 1,000+ Nurses Speaking Out About Their Hospitals

Our research shines light on care quality that is intended to improve hospitals for both patients and the nurses working there

Participate today and gain free access to our nurse portal (launching October 27) so you can see feedback from other RNs about the best hospitals to work at nationally. 

What nurses are saying:

"We do surgeries without the right backup supplies or equipment for complications. We have voiced to administration these concerns but were not heard. This is not a place where I want anyone I care about to be treated."

CareLuminate is committed to keeping everything you share with us confidential. We ask for your name and contact information so that we can verify that you're a licensed professional, but we never reveal your participation or share data in a way that can be traced back to you.   

All data are reported in aggregated statistics. All comments are scrubbed to remove anything identifying about our respondents.

In fact, once the survey goes to final publish, we delete ALL demographic information about our respondents so even we can't contact you again about your survey responses.

We are committed to protecting your anonymity as you tirelessly work to improve healthcare at the bedside.  


Nurses share their names in the survey so that we can validate their license, and then we decouple the survey and their name in participating, removing any identifying link. 


CareLuminate shares the summary report with all nurses, hospital leaders, government and media. 

Hospitals can subscribe to the more detailed findings. 


Nurses can complete an online interview or they can be interviewed by a fellow nurse. 


CareLuminate carefully validates all trends and findings, ensuring accuracy. 

We create a summary and detailed report. 

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