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Clarity about healthcare costs and quality means:

  • Your employee & families receive better care

  • Your firm sees lower premium costs

  • Your community sees improved local hospital care

Nearly all businesses let their insurance company manage their healthcare costs and quality.

That decision is not working. Healthcare costs are spiraling out of control for many, and we are talking to nurses in hospitals where quality is also spiraling out of control.   CareLuminate helps your business take control by helping you understand where the high cost/low quality care exists in your community. 

Care quality and cost vary dramatically between different healthcare organizations, and very few employers are optimizing on cost and quality because the data is hard to get to, and in some cases confusing.  The highest quality options are rarely the most expensive, but none of that is obvious.  Until now. 


Let us show you how to start optimizing your healthcare and saving money before your next open enrollment. 

How CarePivot Works

Three Steps.jpg

Identify Cost Reductions

Identify the differences in true costs (not just fake prices) to your business for different hospitals and physicians.

Measure Quality of Care

Help employees find the highest quality and lowest cost care through CareLuminate's unique quality research.

Collaborate for Change

Join a local collaborative in your community that improves accountability, quality and costs for local healthcare.

Every day your employees are making uninformed and unoptimized decisions. 
The bill comes due at your next open enrollment.

Data on a Touch Pad
Data-Based Fiduciary Partners

Unlike many brokers and insurance companies, our only focus is helping your team find better care at the best price. 

We are experts in measuring healthcare quality and examining costs. We do the heavy lifting your team does not have the time to do. 

Business Coffee Meeting
Organized for Change

Helping your team members find the best care not only helps your firm, but increases accountability for all hospitals and care organizations in your community. 

Our unique strategy of bringing dozens of employers together for change unleashes powerful market forces for lasting change. 

Meet With the CareLuminate Team Today to Take Control

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