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CareLuminate Hospital Data Use Policy

The CareLuminate team spends thousands of staff hours each year to bring impactful research to the healthcare industry. Appropriate sharing of this research is something that the CareLuminate team monitors and manages. This data use policy has been created to help CareLuminate and our Customers to properly share the intent of the research and to retain the impartiality and honesty under which the research was conducted.  If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us at This policy is subject to change without notice.

General Guidelines

  • We encourage you to share CareLuminate materials within your own organization to increase awareness of RN perceptions of quality care.

  • Sharing data outside of your organization is encouraged only within the guidelines outlined in this policy. Please read this Data Use Policy in its entirety before sharing CareLuminate materials outside of your organization.

  • As a rule, CareLuminate data that is shared outside your organization must be independently verifiable by other CareLuminate i.e., they can come to the CareLuminate website and independently verify statements. All CareLuminate reports, articles, white papers and web pages, and other works of authorship are copyrighted, and the copying or distribution of these materials MUST receive prior approval (submit requests to

  • Any printed or digital collateral piece that uses CareLuminate material that will be distributed externally from your company must adhere to the guidelines found herein AND should be shared with CareLuminate prior to publication at

  • Failure to follow these guidelines will result in CareLuminate taking any or all of the following actions:

  1. CareLuminate will ask you to remove/stop using/take down the piece containing CareLuminate

  2. CareLuminate will issue a clarification press release outlining the inaccurate sharing of CareLuminate data and will include the appropriate CareLuminate material

  3. CareLuminate will immediately expire the publishing organization’s membership if the organization refuses to make changes to and acknowledge the inaccurate sharing of  CareLuminate

  • CareLuminate is happy to work with you to approve the sharing of CareLuminate materials, if desired. When sending a submission citing  CareLuminate material, please cite the CareLuminate material source (i.e., CareLuminate report, white paper, website, etc.). If a request is submitted without citations, the request will be sent back so the required citations can be included. Data use requests are usually processed within two business days. If you have an urgent request, please mark the email as urgent, and we will do our best to accommodate.


The sections below include the guidelines CareLuminate uses to evaluate sharing of  CareLuminate materials:

What CareLuminate Materials CAN Be Shared Outside of Your Organization (including website)

  • Awards and Logos

    • This includes the CareLuminate logo, CareLuminate Nurses Choice for Quality and CareLuminate Nurses Recommendation Award logo,

    • CareLuminate logos are protected trademarks. All CareLuminate artticles, white papers, images, and other works of authorship are copyrighted, and the copying or distribution of these materials MUST receive prior approval (submit to

    • CareLuminate is more than happy to like, comment on, or reshare your data-use approved social posts on LinkedIn and Twitter. For CareLuminate  Awards, we typically use these hashtags: #nursesknow, #CARELUMINATENURSESCHOICE<region/year>

  • Ratings or Scores

    • The annual CareLuminate Nurses Choice Awards (Nurse Recommended or Nurse Choice for Quality) is the only case where a Hospital can use definitive statements about their positioning. You can say “RN Recommended,” “#1,” “Nurses Choice”

    • Outside of the CareLuminate Nurses Choice Award data, you can indicate that you are "rated" or "reviewed" in a CareLuminate report. If there is any segmentation, i.e., "preliminary data," "limited data," etc., that data and label must be included with your rating. You may not include or reference any other facilities or organizations in your materials.

    • When sharing a CareLuminate Nurses Choice Award, please use the logo that is specific to the award you won (i.e., “Stockton Area Nurse Recommended/Nurses Choice for Quality 2023”).

    • The CareLuminate Nurses Choice Award designation cannot be redesigned or adjusted.

    • A CareLuminate Nurses Choice Award can be used indefinitely, but the year and designated Region must always be included.

  • Insights from CareLumiante Reports


      Beyond the overall Nurse Choice Award, only hospitals that subscribe to a report may use the report for marketing purposes in other ways. ​These hospitals may share full quotes or commentary from the report specifically about your hospital but no other hospital in your region.


      • Only the full quotes as presented are permissible.

      • Sharing must include the date of the report. 

  • Images (Including All Charts and Graphs)

    • You can share up to two images from a report. You must include the full image. Please do not alter images for sharing.

    • Must include the full chart, report title, and date.

  • Full versions of Published Reports, White Papers, and Articles

    • Published reports can only be shared externally if you purchase CareLuminate distribution rights to share externally. Contact CareLuminate for more. You may share website links to published reports freely.

  • White papers and articles can be shared without restriction

  • Case Studies

    • Healthcare organizations: Healthcare organizations are encouraged to promote their own organization’s case study and related CareLuminate metrics (e.g., "We scored in the 99th percentile for Safest Care") as long as CareLuminate is cited by including the report/case study name and publication month and year.

    • CareLuminate Subscribers: Hospitals/Systems with a subscription membership cannot share physical or digital copies of a case study with any individual or organization.

    • Exception: Vendors/firms highlighted in a customer case study can promote the case study via web and distribute digital or physical copies.

  • Webinars are intended for member use only and should not be shared outside of member organizations.

What CareLuminate Materials CANNOT Be Shared Outside of Your Organization?

  • Information provided to you by CareLuminate during an executive consulting session (aka Deep Dive, Quarterly Update) is NOT permitted for external use.

  • Grades, trend data, position, or live scores from the CareLuminate website cannot be shared as they update daily. CareLuminate webinars are intended for member use only and are NOT to be shared outside your organization.

Sharing Guidelines for Additional CareLuminate Materials

  • CareLuminate data cannot be used to promote another product

  • The comparison summaries that CareLuminate provides are only for use in the subscriber’s hospital/system.

  • Any information shared from the CareLuminate website should include the URL to the relevant webpage.

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