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Come Join Us Because You Believe in This Mission!

CareLuminate is on a mission to help healthcare leaders listen to the nurse voice. When that happens, healthcare changes forever. 

Ambassadors and researchers are critical to creating this change.

CareLuminate Researchers and Ambassadors

CareLuminate current has two contract positions that we are always needing help with:

  1. Research Ambassadors--Nurse leaders that know a specific geographic area well and would be willing to make introductions to nurses in the region.

  2. Nurse interviewers--Experienced nurses that can conduct care quality interviews with nurses in other regions of the country. 

We invite you to apply for either or both of these roles. Below are the responsibilities, expectations and pay rates. 


CareLuminate Ambassadors introduce CareLuminate researchers to nurses in the region, without biasing the CareLuminate researach pool. Ambassadors can be any nurse in the region. 

Ambassador Expectations:

  • Personally complete the survey if possible.

  • Introduce 6+ area nurses to CareLuminate researchers. This is through a copied email or a joint text. 


  • CareLuminate will pay $25 for you to complete the survey (if eligable) and $20 for every referral to other nurses working at hospitals in the region. Most ambassadors will provide fewer than 30 referrals (or less than $600) and so will not be required to work as a 1099 contractor. Those who refer over 18 referrals will be subject to becoming a 1099 contractor.


CareLuminate Researchers can perform two roles:

  • Researchers can make cold phone calls to nurses in a region, asking them to participate. 

  • Researchers can conduct interviews with nurses.

CareLuminate staffs nurses to speak to nurses so that the quality of the interview is excellent, building loyalty with nurses who participate. 

Researcher Expectations:

  • Attend a yearly 1 hour paid training to ensure quality (at $50 per hour).

  • Be available to allocate at last 30 hours a month towards research activities between the hours of 8:00 am and 8:00 pm in your time zone. 

  • Complete research calls with excellent quality, in line with researcher training. 

  • Create trust with nurses that you train such that they refer friends. 


  • CareLuminate will pay $.40 for every call dialed, $30 for every survey collected and $4 for every time a contact gives permission for CareLuminate to text them information about participating. 

  • While CareLuminate can not guarantee per-hour rates for contract work, we target that researchers will be able to dial 80 calls per hour if there are no responses, generating $32 in pay. When contacts are responding well, pay could be double or more the 'no response' rate.

  • These positions will be 1099 contractor positions. 

We hope that these contract positions offer great nurses the opportunity to earn some additional income on the side. We are so grateful for what you do and for helping us in this work! These interviews will be fascinating and fun. 

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