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CareLuminate Uses Data and Behavioral Science to Solve RN Staffing Challenges
90% of Hospital CEOs Say RN Engagement and Retention are Their Top Concerns

Retention Rate Difference
Percentage of Nurses Reporting Plans to Stay in Job For Next 12 Months
Weakest Hospital
Strongest Hospital

Kansas City, MO


Stockton, CA


Saginaw, MI

Deep, Unbiased Research and Analytics

CareLuminate advises organizations based on deep market research spanning local and national insights. 

Hospitals today are facing some of the most difficult questions they have ever faced:

  • Should we decrease volumes or increase contract labor?

  • How can we build a stable core of staff nurses when we are >40% contract labor?

  • Should we focus on increased compensation or other efforts to driving improved retention?

CareLuminate advisory is founded on painstaking market research and packaged in a tailored, at-risk financial model for you. 

Hospital Employees
Cutting-Edge Organizational Psychology

Organizations struggling to retain nurses quickly turn to compensation rather than creating an engaging atmosphere of competency, autonomy, and connection. 

Avoid the mistake of accepting an acrimonious relationship with your nursing staff. The key to meaningfully engaging nurses is likely closer than you ever expected. 

Facilitated Plan Creation & Monitoring

If your organization is hemorrhaging money due to turnover and contract labor costs, you need a confident, data-driven plan. CareLuminate makes both the plan and execution process painless. We guide you through:

  • Scenario costing,

  • Plan creation,

  • Leadership consensus,

  • Board communication,

  • Ongoing measurement and follow up.

We do this within a robust at-risk financial model where your success is our success. 

Our Health System is Ready to Reduce RN Turnover
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