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Who We Are Drives What We Do

We are endlessly curious investigative reporters seeking to learn, report and elevate best practices for care delivery excellence. We courageously create transparency and report the truth no matter the cost, because we know that truth is the catalyst for sustained improvement.


Every hospital is transparently measured with competency and impartiality. CareLuminate facilitates unprecedented learning and improvement from every significant care delivery failure and success around the world. The collective voice of caregivers is the lighthouse for this true care quality improvement.


Commitment to Improve Healthcare

For everyone

Obsessed With Excellence

For ourselves and the healthcare communities we serve

Dedicated to Truth and Veracity

No matter how hard it is to face,

the truth is the best place to start

Enthusiasm for Transparency

Transparency changes everything and we

work enthusiastically for better healthcare


We keep all RN feedback anonymous.

CareLuminate was founded to give RNs a safe and impactful way to speak out and lead a movement to improve healthcare.

Similar to investigative reporters, we will never compromise the anonymity of the nurses (our sources) who give us feedback in interviews.

While we collect identifying information to ensure research quality, we anonymize everything we publish, ensuring that no comments or responses can ever be traced back to a single nurse.

We make this commitment to ensure nurses can speak freely with the intention of improving healthcare for everyone. 


Taylor Davis MS Stat, MBA

Cofounder and CEO

Innovative, Enthusiastic and Optimistic.


Taylor Davis is a respected industry leader and the former president of KLAS Research. In his time at KLAS Research, Taylor founded the KLAS Arch Collaborative, a worldwide effort to collect the voices of over 300,000 clinicians world wide in order to improve EHR usability.

Taylor as a masters degree in Statistics from Texas A&M as an MBA from Brigham Young University. As a life-long learner, Taylor is grateful for the opportunity to lead CareLuminate and learn every date about hospital quality. 

Linda Komisak RN

Cofounder and COO

Strategic, Authentic and Fearless.


Linda co-founded CareLuminate with Taylor Davis in late Spring 2023, bringing with her an impressive portfolio of delighted healthcare clients.  She has an impeccable reputation for creating great experiences for healthcare systems, partners, and ultimately, patients.

As an RN herself, she knows that every nurse has an important story to tell.  Linda leads CareLuminate operations to creatively drive meaningful new insights into the way both hospitals and healthcare workers perceive quality in their work environments.

Linda has worked for some of the big name EHR vendors, several small privately held digital health/revenue cycle companies and has run her own successful consultancy helping large healthcare systems find, onboard and retain temporary/contract staff. 

Brian R. Spisak  PhD

Partner; Hospital Workforce and Cultural Improvement Consulting

Transformative, Candid, Insightful


Brian R. Spisak is a Research Associate at the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.


He is also an independent consultant, a faculty member at the American College of Healthcare Executives, and the best-selling author of Computational Leadership: Connecting Behavioral Science and Technology to Optimize Decision-Making and Increase Profits.


Brian has a proven record of accomplishment in driving transformation – from orchestrating human capital for next-level patient outcomes to strengthening employee motivation and reducing burnout.

Brian Headshot_color.jpg

Meet Our Advisory Board

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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